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the home of west coast Ribs & More

We will rock you with our unique style of west coast barbecue. Whether you’re in the groove for pork or beef ribs, a hearty half chicken, or pulled pork, our covers of classic barbecue and your favorite sides will make your heart sing.

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The set list is full of everyone’s BBQ favorites. Check out the acts below and create the mix that’s in perfect harmony with your cravings.


Check out our main stage acts of beef ribs, baby back pork ribs, BBQ ½ chicken, and soul-stirring pulled pork.

  • Baby Back Pork Ribs
  • Beef Spare Ribs
  • Pulled Pork
  • Chicken
  • Pork Rib Tips


Create your own vibe with sandwiches and combo plates that make a meal for one. Your main selection includes your choice of 2 sides.

  • Sandwiches
  • Everything with two sides


Yes, you CAN get satisfaction…with any or all of  these sides!


The ultimate  Indulgence for one or to share with your VIP guests.


Get your MDR of iron and glide like a butterfly with these leafy gigs including one that gives vegans a spot right in front of the stage!


When only more will do, stay for the encore with a little something to sweeten the experience.


Back in the day, a restaurant named Indigo on 3rd Street in West Hollywood was the down-home, go-to place for the in-crowd. That’s where Jay Fagnano made his name in the restaurant biz. After gigs in the corporate food world, the kitchen once again beckoned and Jay was lured back to his true love (besides his wife, Mary) creating delicious food that brings people together. Jay established his catering company, Thrive Kitchen LA, in 2016. Today Thrive Kitchen LA serves a selective clientele curating creative menus for medium-sized parties in private homes, special events at USC and UCLA, as well as meals that meet the nutritional and culinary high standards of the LA Lakers.

As with most chefs, the joy of food begins at home. Jay, Mary, and their son, Nick, enjoyed many seasons of entertaining a diverse crowd of friends and family at backyard BBQs at their almost 100-year-old Los Angeles home in Country Club Park between Pico and Olympic and Arlington and Western. Nick was not only a fan of Jay’s cooking, but the two guys also enjoyed singing Journey and Bon Jovi anthems at the top of their lungs while driving to school or baseball practices. Nick became a pretty decent drummer and guitarist and, while his musical tastes veered toward pop punk, he would always indulge Jay in few versus of Don’t Stop Believin' if it happened to rotate in on Jay’s playlist.

Rack n’ Roll Ribs; established in November 2022 (Nick's birth month); is, in a way, a tribute to this joy of music and food, both of which were among  Nick’s many passions. Nick passed away at the age of 20 when lightning struck Venice Beach on July 27, 2014. In Nick's memory, Mary and Jay established a nonprofit, the Thrive in Joy Nick Fagnano Foundation, with the mission of encouraging young people to discover their character strengths and the joy of service through programs inspired by Nick’s life. With each purchase of Rack n’ Roll Ribs, a donation is made to Thrive in Joy.

The Rack n’ Roll Ribs crew keeps Nick’s joy in the kitchen. Each menu item is crafted to inspire you to sing a verse or two of YOUR favorite song. Whether your soundtrack is rock, blues, rap, hip hop, country, metal, jazz, reggae, Latin, funk, soul, indie, K-pop ,new age, ska, easy listening, musical theater, disco, or techno….Here at Rack n’ Roll Ribs we hope you’ll keep ordering your favorite menu items as often as you sing along to one of your favorite songs.

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